Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why Should Our Taxes Go to a Public Library ...

... when we can just pay Amazon directly instead?

At least, that's what I anticipate will be the reaction.

Of course, Amazon has a ready-made population of e-book enthusiasts who are using kindles. And public libraries do lend e-books,  but not all of their patrons know about them or use them.

But all hail Amazon. A lending library, what an original idea.

Sorry if this sounds snarky; it's getting toward the end of the week here.

(Full disclosure: I'm a big fan of Amazon & use it a lot, although I don't have a kindle.)


  1. Well, the comparison to libraries makes libraries look pretty good.

    I mean, if libraries set up some arrangement whereby they not only charged subscription fees but also refused service to all but the elites (i.e, people who not only buy Kindles but subscribe to Amazon Prime), tracked all of everyone's information, left all the control over lending policies in the hands of the publishers, and couldn't get most of the books that are out there... then we'd call that a pretty terrible library, and rightly so.

    But on the whole, I don't think most people are paying much attention to this "Amazon lending library" thing.

    (this isn't the identity I wanted to comment with, but I can't get it to recognize my librarian blog and can't find another way to get it to accept my comment :( )

  2. Sorry about the commenting problem -- I just changed a setting to be more open, but if people seize the opportunity to make nasty comments anonymously I'll change it back.

    I thought there would be much more buzz about the amazon thing, but you're right, maybe it's only relevant to a certain elite at the moment. I did hear from some people who were interested in using it that the selection is very limited. Still, it seems like something that will only grow.