Friday, April 22, 2011

Future Projects

 yellow viola / wild pansy

I've been mulling over a few ideas I picked up at ACRL, and as a result there are some projects I'd like to pursue as part of my job over the next year or two:

-More outreach to college staff. I'm coming to realize that here at the community college, staff members have more research needs than faculty. Staff members are frequently working on second degrees (often in education / public administration / management) or are working on projects that should be backed by credible research. I think we could be doing more to support these activities, and simultaneously we could be establishing a home-grown base of loyal library patrons.

-Learning Commons done well. We expect to hire a new library director in the next few months, and I hope at that point we'll take the reins on transitioning toward a more fully integrated learning commons. I know these types of changes can create tension, but when they are done well they improve not only the institution but the library and library services.

-More Reserves. As I'm in charge of library reserves, I'd really like to expand the collection from just textbooks to technology that would be useful to our students. Of course, that immediately begs the question of how to fund such technology. But maybe this is not an insurmountable obstacle; after all, we didn't have any money for a textbook collection either, and we got that done. This might fit with some of the college IT department's priorities, and I can't imagine it wouldn't be popular; the trick would be to make the service manageable.

In other news, for some reason blogger is making my photographs look particularly bad lately. I understand I'm no Tartine Gourmande, but my botanical images look crisp and clear all the way until I upload them here; this week is no exception. So I may just stop doing this for a while until I figure out why it's happening.

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