Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beginning of the Semester Busy-ness

More snow. Looks a lot like last week.

Through a combination of weather and being generally swamped at work during the first week of the semester, I seem to have dropped the ball on blogging this week. Here's what kept me from writing sooner:

  1. Reserves textbooks. With all due respect to its importance and popularity, this project seems never-ending. I'm trying to change the strategy this semester, to working with the academic departments rather than approaching the publishers' representatives. This is having degrees of success. It should be easier for everyone if the academic departments take more responsibility for providing a desk copy to the library for reserve, but convincing them of that is another matter. Also we're trying to expand the service to two other campus libraries, which adds another logistical challenge.  
  2. Preparing for instruction. Library instruction begins in earnest next week, and a new responsibility for me is to be in charge of scheduling and working with instructors on what they hope to accomplish.
  3. I finished editing and producing the spring issue of the library's faculty newsletter, and distributed it on campus. 
  4. Because classes were in session, we staffed the reference desk, and a lot of students needed orientation to the library.  
  5. Did I mention all the snow and ice we've been having? Good thing I don't mind shoveling...
I hope to be back and at 'em properly next week. In the meantime, I recommend reading Meredith Farkas's excellent piece on ebooks and libraries

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