Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank You Note to Springshare

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I realized when the electricity went out last week that submitting complaints and problems to companies is easy, but it's not always so easy to communicate appreciation. (Thanks for turning our power on again so quickly, PSEG, if you're reading this for some reason!)

In libraryland, I have found the company Springshare to be consistently helpful, professional, and one step ahead of me when it comes to new features and upgrades. Not only do they seem to understand Library 2.0, but also in person their representatives were unflaggingly polite and seemed interested in what I had to say when I stopped by their ALA booths in Chicago and Boston.

Currently our library is using their LibGuides and LibAnswers products (examples at the end of this post), and we also recently started using their Analytics tool (currently in Beta) for our reference statistics. All of these have worked really well for our needs. The interfaces are clear and intuitive meaning we can dive right in, there are tons of useful tools but a lot of flexibility, and the company is responsive if we are looking for something additional. The user community is helpful, as expected, and that advice is supplemented nicely by Springshare tech support. Importantly, LibGuides allows you to create a guide quickly, and updating is a cinch. I have modified guides in front of classes when I'm teaching.

Most recently I noticed a print/mobile view on the LibGuides, which again is fantastic and which I hadn't thought to ask for yet. (Definitely still on the horizon, though.) I don't know if Springshare comes up with these things themselves, or if they just pay close attention to their user community, but thank you: Great work.

(And no, I'm not affiliated with the company beyond being a client, and Springshare didn't pay me to write this.)

Here are some particular examples of our LibGuides. If the links are ever dead, it's probably because the guide is no longer public:

-Music Subject Guide
-Psychology 101 Group Project
-Psychology Journal Article Assignment

And here is what our LibAnswers looks like.

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