Monday, December 22, 2008

New Year's library resolutions

Holly: still green

There are a number of library-related things I've been thinking about during the holidays, and I've come up with a few goals that I'm going to try and accomplish in 2009. It's very possible that at the end of 2009 I'll look back at this and sigh heavily, but here goes anyways:

-At the top of my list, I really want to become more involved in distance education. Ideally, I'd like to create a place for the librarian in the online classroom. I really think there's a lot of potential for librarians to be useful there. Most of our services are already online -- it's just a matter of intelligent integration with the online course management systems. 

-I'm going to do my darndest to attend the ALA annual conference this summer in Chicago. All I need is some financial assistance...

-Somehow, some way, I'm going to be better at reaching the adjunct faculty. I was amazed to find out the percentage of instructors who are adjuncts (I'll just say it's high). I know they're a difficult bunch to reach because of the temporary nature of the work, but it's unfair that the classes they teach may not get the benefit of library instruction. 

-I'd really like to find more assignments to build library instruction sessions around. The library has already done a great job of working with the biology department and creating an information literacy lesson around one of their assignments, but we need to find more instances where we can create relevant lessons that reveal how useful the library is. This is tricky, because it involves scrutinizing the curricula and working closely with faculty, but looking at the biology department's example, I know it can be done. 

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